Casino Streaming, The New Trend

Casino streaming hasn’t been around for that long, but it’s becoming increasingly popular right now. Streaming came about through the gamer scene. Gamers began to switch their gaming activities live on a streaming channel and many interested parties or fans were able to watch them. To do this, gamers needed special software to film their screens in real time. These so-called live streams are made available to an interested audience on special streaming services.

One such streaming service for live broadcasts is Twitch. The live streaming video portal went online in 2011 and was primarily used to broadcast video games or esports events. Twitch, also known as, belongs to the Amazon group and is available in 28 different languages. The streaming service is now almost as popular as Netflix.

In addition to the platform operator Twitch, well-known gamers and professional players benefit from this option of broadcasting their games live. Participating companies that advertise or are affiliated with the stars of the online gaming scene also make good money from streaming. The entertainment industry also uses streaming services. Live broadcasts from all walks of life are very popular in the United States. Well-known stars even entertain their fans directly with streams from their private lives.

That’s Why You Should Watch Online Casino Streams:

Casino streams are not only entertaining for viewers – they also offer a lot of learning potential about the various casino games from poker to slots.

It often happens that well-known tournaments are streamed to a wide audience. Poker tournaments, for example, offer viewers a lot of excitement and entertainment. Other streamed casino games also find their fans among the audience. Viewers can learn how the various casino or slot games work or learn a few tricks from the professionals. The professionals let themselves be looked over their shoulders or at the cards here.

But professional streamers offer their fans even more. For example, those who have committed themselves to online casino games upload reviews on their personal channels. For those interested, they often test new online casinos or games and pass on their views and experiences.

The Casino Streamer Type Of Player

Streamers are those types of gamers who turn their passion into a profession. You have already gained a lot of experience as an online casino player either at classic casino game tables or at slots. They decide to film their online games and broadcast them live.

There are now a number of professionals who have become casino streamers. Some of you have many thousands to hundreds of thousands of fans following yours. The world’s most successful streamers offer their fans much more than just being able to be there live. They’re mostly good entertainers and teachers too.

The German Jens Heinz Richard Knossalla is one of these successful streamers. He is known as Knossi among streamers. Knossalla has become known on ProSieben as a presenter and other game shows or documentary soaps. He is also a good poker player and plays online poker on PokerStars and is often seen as a poker host. On Twitch he has now established himself among the top 3 German streamers. He earns a good income with his Twitch channel.

By far the most successful casino streamer is the Swede Ismael Swartz, known as Rohstein. In addition to his 410,000 Twitch fans, he is also active on other mainstream platforms. He is known for gambling with very high stakes and for his charismatic personality. Young Cody Burnett from Canada aka Xposed is also one of the top names in the casino streamer scene.

Casino Streaming – A Business Model With A Future

Although it is not that easy to attract an attractive number of fans on streaming channels, a bright future is predicted for the casino streaming business model. The income from an actual streaming channel is probably not that great either. But more is earned on the side through business or advertising partners and even through donations. This usually includes well-known online casinos or their own sales shops. And this is where the many fans of the respective casino streamers have a profitable effect.

Since casino streaming has not been on the market that long, it is far more attractive than other streaming offers for many casino players and viewers. The viewers themselves are increasingly looking for good entertainment with humor, small talk, thrills and game knowledge. Casino Streaming has all of this to offer. The new regulation of the gaming industry in Germany could also contribute to the future success of casino streaming. The State Treaty on Gaming will come into force in 2021 and will then give online casinos in this country a legal basis.

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