3 Facts About Online Casinos That You Should Know

You chose an online casino because it appealed to you in one way or another, be it the visual design, the range of casino games or the wonderfully tempting deposit bonuses. Then there are only a few steps to enjoyment: register, log in, top up money and go! You could think that it is really simple – it actually is. But it gets interesting afterwards. Here are 3 facts about online casinos that you should know beforehand.

3 Facts About Online Casinos

Online Casinos – The Great Deposit Bonus Comes With Conditions

The operators of online casinos have discovered a wonderful tool to attract new players – the deposit bonus, which usually catches the eye on the online casino websites. It is a monetary offer for new customers who open an account and make their first deposit.

These deposit bonuses are very different depending on the online casino. Some casinos offer a bonus that is based on a percentage of the deposit amount. Others offer a fixed amount when the minimum deposit amount is reached. For players, the message is clear in any case: You get free money to gamble! But what very few players know is that they actually always pay for it in some way. Nothing is free in this world and when something is free, there is usually a catch.

Deposit bonuses from online casinos are linked to clear rules that can be read in the small print. For example, it determines how often you have to deposit in order to receive the bonus money. Some casinos even set how high the stakes must be in order to qualify. Do you sense a trick or even a fraud? In short: this is usually not the case. Online casinos are businesses and need to make money while protecting themselves from being exploited. If there weren’t any rules for bonuses, any player could sign up, gamble the bonus, take the winnings and move on to the next casino.

So whether it flows back into the online casino’s coffers or not should not matter. Everyone involved actually benefits at some point. To avoid disappointment, players should read the fine print carefully before registering at an online casino and then enjoy their bonus.

Withdrawing Money Is Not As Easy As Depositing Money

The first deposit in an online casino is relatively simple and quick. Nowadays the possibilities are diverse: credit card, PayPal or crypto currency and your deposit will be verified in no time.

But sometimes it is not that easy to withdraw your money when you have won enough. The process is a little more complicated. For the payout, online casinos must ensure that the recipient is the right one and that fraud is ruled out. For this, players have to verify their identity when registering. If you skipped this important step at the beginning, you may be a little frustrated, but at some point you will still get your money.

Some casinos also have certain internal withdrawal processes. The payout is requested and then has to be processed, in principle as with a normal bank. This can take a few days and during this time you could change your mind and keep playing with the money. So there is also a bit of calculation on the part of the casino.

Therefore, before you register at an online casino, it is essential to read in the small print what the payout processes look like.

Online Casinos Are Not Always Licensed

In order to avoid nasty surprises, players should make sure before registering and making a deposit at an online casino that it is an online casino that is licensed in Germany. Most countries regulate gambling establishments, and with good reason. The aim is to avoid fraud, to protect players and ultimately to earn money from them.

Even those who are only casual gamers should pay attention to the seriousness and legality of the online casinos. In Germany, the current state gambling treaty will change from July 2021 and it will bring much more legal certainty for both players and providers. And this also means that the tax revenue from gambling then remains in Germany and does not flow away. Every player in Germany has an indirect advantage of this in some way as a citizen.

Conclusion On The 3 Facts About Online Casinos

Online casinos are a very attractive alternative to traditional casinos. Even in traditional casinos, players have to identify themselves and register in order to be able to play. However, since traditional casinos have been state-controlled for decades, players are quite well protected here and the small print in the house rules is clear. Online casinos, on the other hand, are all very different and have to set up and secure themselves differently economically. For gamers, the following applies very clearly – read carefully first, then gamble.

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